Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT): guidance for GP trainees

Before you can practise as a GP, you need to be accepted onto the General Medical Council (GMC)’s GP register. For most UK trained GPs, this means applying for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

GP training and certification through the CCT

GP trainees are required to undertake a minimum of three years (full time equivalent) of specialty training on a GMC approved course. Your training posts will have been pre-approved to meet the requirements for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Once you have completed your specialty training, you apply for admission onto the GMC’s GP register.

There are five steps:

  1. You register with RCGP before starting GP speciality training
  2. Training and Assessment
  3. Towards the end of GP specialty training, you apply to the GMC and RCGP for a CCT
  4. We check your application and make a recommendation to the GMC
  5. The GMC decides whether to admit you to the GP register – and if successful, you receive your CCT

Step one: you register with RCGP

As a new GP trainee you should register with the RCGP at the beginning of your GP training programme. This will give you access to our Trainee ePortfolio so you can record your learning and assessment results during training.

Step two: Training and Assessment

Evidence is recorded in the ARCP forms within your Trainee ePortfolio. Each form usually covers 12 months of training time, and forms should follow on from each other consecutively, with no gaps.

When we receive your final ARCP form, we will check that you have satisfied all the requirements for GP training, including completion of the MRCGP.

To avoid delays in processing your CCT application, you should check your final ARCP form carefully and notify the deanery of any amendments that need to be made before you sign it off electronically.

CCT checklist and what could delay your application [PDF]

Step three: you apply for a CCT

You must apply to both the GMC and RCGP.

The GMC will invite you to apply to them within the last four months of your training. This will be done via a message to the email address you have provided to them and your application is done through your GMC Connect account.

Application to the RCGP is automatic when your final ARCP form has been signed off (giving you an ‘Outcome 6 – gained all required competences’) and you have pressed the button that then appears in your ePortfolio saying ‘Apply for a CCT’. Clicking this will send your CCT application to us. If the button doesn’t appear, contact the ePortfolio Helpdesk via your ePortfolio.

Step four: we make a recommendation to the GMC

Once we have reviewed the evidence, we make a recommendation to the GMC on whether or not you are eligible for a CCT. This can take up to 15 working days, but may take longer if any of the documents are incomplete.

You will receive an email from us notifying you that your application has been passed to the GMC.

Step five: the GMC decides whether to admit you to the GP register

The GMC will check our recommendation against your application to them and, if you are successful, will issue a CCT. This will take up to 10 working days but will not be before the final 10 days of your training. You can check the progress of your application on GMC Connect.

If the GMC decides that you are not eligible for a certificate they will let you know, giving the reasons for their decision and recommendations for further training.

It is a legal requirement for your name to be listed on the GP register before you can work in NHS general practice in any capacity.

You must also be included on your local performers list. Many performers list administrators request sight of your certificate.

Other routes onto the GMC register

If you haven’t completed a full GMC approved training programme, or have been released from training and completed the exam out of programme, you’ll need to use the CEGPR route to apply for certification

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