Broad Based Training programme

Broad Based Training (BBT) is a two-year structured core training programme providing six-month placements in Core Medical Training, General Practice, Paediatrics and Psychiatry, followed by entry into ST2/CT2 level training in one of the four specialties, subject to satisfactory progression.

Why was BBT introduced?

Coming at a time when healthcare provision is changing its focus to the management of long-term conditions delivered in community settings, this exciting training opportunity will equip you for the future by:

  1. Developing you as a more broad based practitioner with a wider perspective to healthcare provision, both now and throughout your career
  2. Enabling you to become adept at managing patients with complex medical needs
  3. Ensuring that you have a firm grounding in the provision of patient focussed care
  4. Providing you with time to develop conviction in your choice of career pathway
  5. Equipping you for successful entry into one of the four specialties on successful completion of the programme.

More information on the structure of the programme and assessment for BBT doctors can be found in the BBT Curriculum.

What happens after BBT?

After BBT, subject to satisfactory progression, you can choose which of the four specialties you wish to enter.

For General Practice and Paediatrics you would enter at ST2 level. For Psychiatry you would enter Core Psychiatry Training at CT2 and for Medicine, you would enter Core Medical Training at CT2.

If you choose either of the core training programmes (Medicine or Psychiatry), you would have to compete in open competition for entry into an ST3 medical or ST4 psychiatry specialty programme on completion of your core training programme.

BBT routes [PDF, 24KB, 1 page]

We hope you choose General Practice!

How to apply

BBT is being offered in ten LETBS/deaneries across England. The recruitment timetable for 2015 is outlined below:

  • Advert appears: Thursday 6 November 2014
  • Applications open: Tuesday 11 November at 10am UK time
  • Applications close: Thursday 4 December at 4pm UK time
  • Stage 2 (Computer Based Testing): between Saturday 3 – Saturday 10 January 2015 at various locations in the UK
  • BBT Shortlisting: December 2014 / January 2015
  • Invitations to BBT Selection Centre expected: mid January 2015
  • BBT Selection Centre (covering CMT, Paediatrics & Psychiatry): Friday 30 January at the Macron Stadium, Bolton
  • Stage 3 (GP Selection Centre): between Monday 2 – Friday 13 February at various locations in the UK
  • Offers: by no later than Wednesday 12 March 2015
  • There will not be a Round 2 for Broad Based Training in 2015
  • Anticipated Start Date: Wednesday 5th August 2015

For full details on how to apply, and information on the participating deaneries, visit the North Western Deanery website.

For more information on BBT follow @NHS_BBT on Twitter or email

RCGP membership for BBT trainees

To help you through your training, the RCGP offers BBT trainees the chance to sign up for FREE access to selected RCGP resources for the duration of your BBT programme.

The BBT programme membership gives you: 

To register for the free BBT programme membership, BBT trainees simply need to register online. Once a trainee has chosen GP as a speciality and moves into a GP training programme they can follow the normal AiT membership route.

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