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The RCGP, in collaboration with a range of private, public and not for profit partners, has developed over 70 online courses to support CPD and revalidation.

The elearning courses span the entire RCGP curriculum, and are thoroughly peer-reviewed and quality assured, to guarantee they meet the highest standard.

The intended audience for our elearning materials are GPs and primary healthcare professionals, GP Specialty Trainees and GP Educators. Courses can be taken at any time, to fit your schedule, and when successfully completed, you will receive an eCertificate for your appraisal portfolio. 

Below, you will view a list of all our elearning courses, available to RCGP members, non members and other primary healthcare professionals.

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Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice

This course is for everybody who needs to use an assessment tool to identify problematic drinking. It is intended for a general audience; you do not have to be a doctor or a nurse to attempt it. This course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals.


This course aims to improve understanding of the impact which psoriasis can have on patients. After completing it, practitioners should be aware of how to manage psoriasis and its co-morbidities in an evidence based manner.

This course is FREE to all healthcare professionals.

Recognising Skin Cancer

The aim of this module is to update general practitioners on the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer in primary care, including when to refer. It covers both melanoma and non melanoma skin cancers.

This course is FREE to all healthcare professionals.

Skin Infections

An eLearning course on skin infections. This course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals.

Suicide Prevention

This hour long course consists of two modules. The first gives a background to the scale of the problem of suicide and what the home nations are doing to address it. The second takes a case-based approach to suicide prevention strategies and highlights resources which are useful in mitigating the risk of suicide.

This course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals based in the UK.

Alcohol Management in Primary Care - Level 1

This course builds on the information presented in the Alcohol: Identification and Brief Advice course. It covers the physical and mental health problems associated with problem drinking. This forms part of the RCGP Certificate in the Management of Alcohol Problems in primary Care Level 1

Annual Review of Competency Progression – Introduction and Refresher

It is recommended that Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel members should receive training and regular updates, to ensure consistency and maintain quality and standards. This course will guide panel members, trainees and trainers through the ARCP process.

This course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals in the UK.

Autism in General Practice

An e-Learning course on autism in general practice. This course is FREE to RCGP members, Associates-in-Training and GP Foundation members and available on subscription to others.

Bloating & Other Abdominal Symptoms. Could it be Ovarian Cancer?

This course covers the presentation and diagnosis of ovarian cancer in primary care through the use of case studies. After completing this course you should be more confident in deciding when to assess women with bloating and other abdominal symptoms for ovarian cancer. This course is FREE to all primary health care professionals in the UK.

Bowel Cancer Screening - The Essentials

An e-Learning course on Bowel Cancer Screening – The Essentials. This course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals in the UK.

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