19th National Conference, Managing drug and alcohol problems in primary care

Welcome and Introduction to the conference theme [PDF]
Dr Stephen Willott

Education as Early intervention: The DrugAware Model [PDF]
Ms Anna Power

Early intervention: pre-empting drug and alcohol misuse [PDF]
Rt Hon Graham Allen MP

Benzodiazepines - a pragmatic approach to management [PDF]
Dr Martyn Hull

Sexual health & drug use in lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender [PDF]
Mr Monty Moncrieff

A perspective on commissioning effective services [PDF]
Ms Selina Douglas

Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Addiction [PDF]
Dr Mona Mahfouz

"Will this make me bigger?" Anabolic Steroids, Performance and Image-enhancing drugs [PDF]
Mr Ian Ranson

Early interventions and stigma reduction in mental health - what we can learn in drugs and alcohol [PDF]
Dr Peter Bryne

Pills, powder and pleasure - what can we do? [PDF]
Dr Adam Winstock

Promoting early intervention in child neglect [PDF]
Mr Evender Harran

Childhood attachment relationships and opportunities to build social resilience into adulthood [PDF]
Dr Deborah Judge

How to make in-patient detox effective [PDF]
Dr Joss Bray

Complex prescribing issues - case-based discussion [PDF]
Dr Matthew Young

Does Introducing Naltrexone Implants Early Improve the Outcome for Highly Motivated Patients Detoxifying from Low Dose Methadone in Primary Care - Experience with 5 Patients and 3 Month Follow-up? [PDF]
Dr John Revill and Dr Fergus Law

Bristol Wet Clinic - for street drinkers an evaluation [PDF]
Dr Clare Fleming and Dr Emma Mastrocola

ChangeDrinking: An evaluation of user perceptions of an online intervention designed to motivate problem drinkers with a recent hospital admission to seek help for their drinking behaviour [PDF]
Alina Serafin

Substance misuse and tobacco [PDF]
Professor Ann McNeil

Early intervention in Primary Care [PDF]
Dr Roy Robertson

Early intervention in Primary Care [PDF]
Dr Stephen Willott

Continuing the conference theme [PDF]
Dr Tim Horsburgh

State of the sector [PDF]
Dr Marcus Roberts

Service user perspective [PDF]
Mr Lee Collingham

Building recovery by believing in people [PDF]
Mr Peter Yarwood

Primary Care role in providing alcohol treatment [PDF]
Dr Johannes Coetzee

Primary Care role in providing alcohol treatment [PDF]
Dr Steve Brinksman

Primary Care role in providing alcohol treatment [PDF]
Mr Apollos Clifton-Brown

It's a miracle you're cured [PDF]
Mr Andre Geel

Secure environments - an update on policy [PDF]
Kiernan Lynch

Stairway to heaven or road to hell? Perils and pitfalls of prescribing for pain.  The use of opioids for chronic non cancer pain; Diagnosis and management of neuropathic pain [PDF]
Dr George Ryan

Hepatitis C in Primary Care: the way forward [PDF]
Dr Iain Brew

Investing in prevention - moving early intervention up a gear [PDF]
Dr Anne Scoular

Preventing and responding to dependence on prescribed and over-the-counter medicines: national policy, local action [PDF]
Mr Stephen Taylor

Volunteering and mentoring for recovery [PDF]
Ms Tan Jeram

Come up and see me make me smile [PDF]
Jane Davies-Slowik, Sandeep Klair, Leanne Harper, Helen Ford, Silan Burns

A brief guide to MI (Motivational Interviewing) [PDF]
Brian Whitehead

Cops and Docs - Together calling for health-based drug policy [PDF]
Dr Chris Ford, Mike Barton, D/Supt Lee Johnson, Professor Averil Mansfield, Mr Sebastian Saville

Treat addiction, cut crime [PDF]
Dr Chris Ford, Mike Barton, D/Supt Lee Johnson, Professor Averil Mansfield, Mr Sebastian Saville

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