Leaflets to share with patients

The patient information leaflets are a widely used part of the TARGET resources. They are designed to be shared with patients during the consultation and aim to improve the patient’s confidence to self care and the prescriber’s communication with the parents. 

Caring for children with coughs leaflet

This leaflet contains information about how to look after a child who has a cough (not due to asthma).

Caring for children with coughs [PDF]

Treating your Infection patient leaflet

The Patient Treating Your Infection leaflet is a useful tool for clinicians to use within consultations for patients who do not require an antibiotic prescription for their infection. It includes information on illness duration, self-care advice and advice on when to re-consult. Use of this leaflet has been approved by PHE, RCGP, BSAC, NHS Scotland, RCN, IPS and BIA.

If you make any substantial changes to the Treating Your Infection leaflet then the professional society and crystal mark logos may need to be removed.


Treating Your Infection leaflet - version 5 [PDF] 
Treating Your Infection leaflet - version 5 [DOC] 
Treating Your Infection leaflet for out of hours clinics - version 4 [DOC]
Treating Your Infection leaflet for community pharmacies - version 4 [DOC]
Treating Your Infection leaflet user guide  [PDF]

We also have the Treating Your Infection leaflet (version 3) in other languages:

Albanian [DOC]
Arabic [DOC]
Bengali [DOC] 
Cantonese [DOC]
French [DOC]
Greek [DOC]
Gujarati [DOC]
Hindi [DOC] 
Hungarian [DOC]
Mandarin [DOC]
Polish [DOC]
Romanian [DOC]
Somali [DOC]  
Spanish [DOC]
Turkish [DOC]
Urdu [DOC]
Welsh [PDF] 

Antibiotic Guardian leaflet

This Antibiotic Guardian leaflet can be distributed in the waiting room for patients. The Antibiotic Guardian campaign aims to increase public awareness of resistance and appropriate antibiotic use. The general public and health professionals are being asked to pledge to use antibiotics more responsibly.

Download the 2014 Antibiotic Guardian Leaflet [PDF]

When Should I Worry? booklet for parents and carers

The 'When Should I Worry?' booklet provides information for parents about the management of respiratory tract infections such as coughs, colds, sore throats and ear aches in children. It is designed to be shared in consultations. 

Download the When Should I Worry? booklet

Get Well Soon Without Antibiotics leaflet

This leaflet, produced by the Department of Health, explains the need to get the right treatment for common illnesses such as colds and coughs without encouraging antibiotic resistance. It is available in different languages and is suitable for distribution in waiting areas.

Download the Get well soon without antibiotics leaflet [PDF]
Download the leaflet in 11 different languages 

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