Research Grants and Fellowships

The College annually allocates over £100,000 of funding to research grants and fellowships. We work collaboratively to maximise the impact of these awards. Previous partners have included Marie Curie, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC).

The RCGP Scientific Foundation Board

The RCGP Scientific Foundation Board (SFB) supports high quality primary care research studies, and awards grants for research projects where findings will be of direct relevance to the care of patients in the general practice setting.

Any GP, primary healthcare professional, or university-based health services researcher may apply for Annual Research Grants for scientific research to be undertaken in the UK.

Examples of the publications generated by RCGP grants and fellowships in 2017/2018

Examples of the presentations generated by RCGP grants and fellowships in 2017/2018

Call for grant applications for 2018 now closed.

For eligibility and guidance please see documents below:

High priority is given to applications from new researchers who have not previously been funded, or pilot studies and short term studies lasting up to about 18 months. The SFB have no research priorities of their own. 

Applications for Practitioner's Allowance Grants up to £2,000 are open throughout the year. 

From January 2019, a new review process for PAG will be implemented. If you are working on a PAG application at the moment, please contact us to check whether the new review timings work for you.

Applications for SFB grants to be submitted to  For more information contact us by email  or telephone 020 3188 7594.

Interim and final Reports

Grant holders are required to submit an annual report by 30 June each year until completion of the research project. Annual reports should be presented using the progress report template.  Each report should contain a predicted project end date and indicate the progress that has been made to date.

For projects of up to 12 months, grant holders should only submit a final report. This report must be submitted within 12 months of the end date of your study and will include a structured abstract for placement on the Board’s page on the RCGP website.

We request that all recipients of our grants acknowledge the SFB in publications and presentations of work that we have funded. Grant holders are expected to notify and provide copies of research papers prior to publication (confidentiality and embargoes are maintained). 

Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Fellowship

This joint fellowship scheme offered by Marie Curie and RCGP Scientific Foundation Board has the aim of bringing palliative and end of life care more to the forefront of primary care research. The fellowship programme hopes to identify and support a future leader in primary care research related to palliative and end of life care.  

For more information contact us by email  or telephone 020 3188 7594.

Call for applications now closed

General information about funding

  • The Board does not fund audit projects or guideline developments
  • The Board will award grants to people who are not members of RCGP.
  • Members of any primary care discipline are able to apply for the Annual grants and for Marie Curie Fellowship 
  • Priority will be given to short term projects which will normally last up to 18 months
  • The Board will not generally fund time for individuals who are already in receipt of funding for research from another source, but may consider a request for protected time for an individual working in a research practice which was in receipt of R&D support funding

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