Clinical Advisers

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The Clinical Advisers programme allows GPs with particular expertise or interests to represent the RCGP in influencing the outcomes of clinical guidelines, quality standards and a variety of other initiatives. The projects are diverse and can range from reviewing single documents for consultation, to year-long commitments developing new guidelines.


GPs participating in the programme may:

  • provide a primary care representation in the production of NICE guidelines and standards; join a Guideline Development Group; attend one off scoping workshops; submit written comments on draft guidelines out for consultation
  • provide development and review support for RCGP educational activities
  • support the work of the Clinical Champions within the RCGP's clinical priorities
  • formally represent RCGP in your chosen area of clinical expertise as required.


Participation is open to all practicing GPs with a minimum of three years’ experience, also to non-practicing GPs within three years of retirement. You can register your interests across a wide variety of clinical categories as either a generalist or an expert:

Generalist criteria

To register as a generalist in a clinical area, GPs should have:

  • an interest in influencing clinical practice and quality improvement within general practice
  • an interest in evidence based medicine

Expert criteria

To register an expert interest in a clinical area, GPs should have:

  • evidence of expertise such as local or national representation or a track record in  innovation, research or  quality improvement in the clinical area
  • an interest in evidence based medicine

Participation is free and carries no set obligation. Each GP is contacted on a project by project basis and may then choose to accept any of interest. The success of this programme relies on participation, and while there is no set obligation, it is implicit in your registration that you will actively participate. The Clinical Adviser is an unpaid role with the RCGP, although specific projects may offer expenses or recompense for involvement.


To register with the Clinical Advisers programme, please:

RCGP reserves the right to summarise and edit comments received during consultations, or not to publish them at all.

Why I registered as an RCGP Clinical Adviser

Two of our most valued and enthusiastic GPs describe their experience of being an RCGP Clinical Adviser:

  • Professor Peter Sims, our top responder for 2015, describes his experience of being an RCGP Clinical Adviser in his retirement years. Find out how you too can make the best use of your time – retired or not – and shape the future of primary care. Read his story [PDF]
  • Dr David Mummery, an active Clinical Adviser who continues to contribute to consultations and attend a wide range of meetings as a representative of the RCGP, explains why he enjoys being an RCGP Clinical Adviser. Read his story [PDF]

Our response rate for NICE requests for the last quarter is shown below:

Number of requests received from NICE and responses submitted by RCGP:
1st July 2017 to 30th September 2017

NB: At the time of publication there were 2 Guidelines and 2 Quality Standards in consultation, NICE had made requests and RCGP was yet to provide a response.

 Other NICE resources


Telephone: 0203 188 7601

RCGP-endorsed NICE Quality Standards

NICE quality standards are a concise set of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care. Quality standards consider the complete care pathway, from public health to health and social care.

The RCGP has worked with NICE during the consultation period for the development of several quality standards, and provided comments which have helped form the scope of the standards. The following quality standards have recently been published and we are pleased to co-badge them with NICE and other contributing organisations.

January 2017


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