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Matt Legg, Clinical Priority Programme Manager

The Clinical Priority programme has gone through an exciting period of transition over the past few months. Through consultation and review with relevant stakeholders and clinicians, this has resulted in a more streamlined programme of work which better reflects the ethos of the programme itself as well as enabling us to adopt ‘spotlight’ projects of particular interest and relevance.

By being more nimble and responsive, we will continue to review the Clinical Priority programme to ensure it better meets the needs of our members.

As of 01 April 2015 our Clinical Priority programmes are:

• Autistic Spectrum Disorders
• Cancer
• End of Life Care
• Eye Health
• Health Inequalities
• Kidney Care
• Mental Health
• Perinatal Mental Health

We are enhancing our existing Kidney Care Clinical Priority Programme to deliver a programme of work on cardiovascular disease, supported by Public Health England.

Additionally, for 2015/16 we are piloting the delivery of one year projects each covering a specific piece of work that is either complimentary to an existing clinical priority, or taking a prescriptive ‘awareness raising’ approach. The projects are known as ‘Spotlight Projects’ and the three being delivered under this pilot are as follows:

• Consequences of Cancer (delivered in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support)
• Patient Safety (funded by University of Manchester and supported by University of Nottingham)
• PHE TARGET Antibiotics Resource Promotion and Development (through an ongoing partnership with Public Health England)

We look forward to sharing more information on the sheer breadth of this work and it’s impact on GPs, patients and primary care in general over the coming year.

By way of an introduction to the ‘Spotlight Projects’, the articles in this issue of Clinical News serve to provide more detail of these new and vital projects which will greatly enhance the Clinical Priority programme as a whole. 

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