Support for research from the RCGP

Imran Rafi, Chair of CIRC

The RCGP is a forward-facing organisation which recognises the importance of shaping the future of general practice and the key role which research plays in advancing the highest quality of care for patients.

The RCGP has been involved closely in the support, facilitation and celebration of high quality research in primary care; this ranges from grants and Fellowships awarded by the Scientific Foundation Board, Research Paper of the Year and the Research Ready® programme. We also include the RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre in our research activities – the oldest sentinel network in England which collects and monitors data from over 250 practices. In fact, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of flu surveillance by the RCGP RSC – a landmark anniversary which we will be celebrating throughout the year.

However, we are keen to support members who want to promote their research skills in practice and to this end the RCGP has developed a new mechanism to support researchers.

The Impact from Research workstream was launched in April 2017 and offers UK-based researchers the opportunity to partner with the RCGP on projects that have the potential to have an impact in the delivery of care. It allows the RCGP the opportunity to directly engage with research projects working both with new researchers as well as established academic GPs and researchers leading their field. The RCGP is well placed in terms of the experience and expertise as well as the reputation, networks and reach to influence and communicate with the primary care community.


We are offering to:

  • Work with applicants on high quality research bids
  • Collaborate on funding applications as partners in leading the dissemination and engagement work for the project
  • Activities that we can coordinate include research focussed events and workshops, linking the project with any relevant existing RCGP programmes for example Clinical Priorities, updating existing resources such as e-Learning modules and toolkits or creating new ones, creating webinars and videos and accessing RCGP communications channels
  • Linking with Research Ready® or the Research Surveillance centre to influence best practice in research
  • If required we will recruit a Clinical Champion to lead on the translation of the project into support and resources that all GPs will find helpful and relevant.

This is a strengthening of the direction of travel for the research programme at the RCGP, and we are pleased to be able to offer support to high quality research in primary care in this way.

If you are considering or in the process of writing a bid which you think the RCGP could add value to please contact to discuss how the RCGP could support your project specifically.

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