RCGP contribution to NICE Quality Standards

NICE quality standards are a concise set of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care. Quality standards consider the complete care pathway, from public health to health and social care.

The RCGP has work with NICE during the consultation period for the development of several quality standards, and provided comments which have helped from the scope of the standards. The following quality standards have been published recently and we are pleased to co-badge them with NICE and other contributing organisations.

Antibiotics for neonatal infection

Nocturnal enuresis in Children and Young People

Fertility problems

Head injury

Conduct disorders Children and Young People

Hepatitis B

If you would like to contribute to the development of current and future Quality Standards or guidelines, you can do so by registering as a Clinical Adviser. This programme allows GPs with particular expertise or interest to influence outcomes of clinical guidelines and projects through participation in a variety of initiatives. The work is diverse and can range from reviewing documents for consultation to year-long commitments developing new guidelines. Participation is free and open to all practicing GPs with a minimum of three years experience and non-practicing GPs within three years of retirement. You can register across a wide variety of clinical and professional categories as either a generalist or an expert. For more information about the programme and to register as a Clinical Adviser for the College, please visit our website here.

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