Winning Posters from the RCGP Annual Conference 2014

Every year at the RCGP annual conference there is a collection of academic poster presentations providing a colourful and interesting backdrop to the main exhibition hall. In addition to research and scientific abstracts, there were submissions that demonstrated good practice, education and many new or innovative projects in primary care. This year, at the annual conference in Liverpool, over 400 practices were accepted for the exhibition from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

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Each poster involved a considerable amount of hard work by their authors who also helpfully manned their poster during coffee breaks in order to explain the finer details to the other delegates. Over two days, 35 fantastic judges reviewed the posters and awarded prizes for the best in each category of research, clinical, audit, service delivery and education & training. Professor Howe announced these five winners on the final day of the conference.

Discussing a poster at conference has been a catalyst for me to meet many other GPs and develop new networks across the UK and other countries. The breadth of GPs' interest in the health of their patients and their families within their communities is a powerful reminder to me of the core values of primary care and the astonishing work you are all doing.

If you are thinking of taking part in the post presentations for Glasgow 2015 click here, and look at an online tutorial on how to produce one such as the one by the University of Leicester.

Dr Matthew Hoghton

Medical Director, Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC) RCGP

The winning posters are listed below:

Clinical - Best in Category:

Sharing treatment information with eczema patients aged 12 years and below

Vera Nakata, University of Manchester

Vera Nakata: As a medical student, it is a great honour to be involved in the annual RCGP conference and win this award.

'Sharing treatment information with eczema patients aged 12 years and below' was part of an elective project to develop a creative resource to communicate information with patients. As I have a strong interest in dermatology, I often felt that there is a gap in the existing materials available for paediatric eczema patients. This was because most resources were directed towards parents / carers rather than children themselves. While these materials were useful in explaining how to use emollients and steroids, parents who were interviewed mentioned that the greatest challenges they faced were their child's resistance to the application of treatment creams, and the uncertainty in answering their child's questions regarding the condition.

Thus, upon discussion with my GP mentors, we decided that it would be worthwhile to develop a child-friendly resource to educate children about eczema and the reason why they need to apply the treatment creams.

The final electronic storybook produced, 'Maxwell's Itch', has received positive feedback from both parents and paediatric patients. By sharing the results through the RCGP Annual Conference, I hope that the resource would be able to reach a wider audience and benefit more patients in the future.

Clinical Poster [PDF]

Audit - Best in Category:

An audit of the co-prescription of gastroprotective agents with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories in patients at high risk of gastrointestinal complications

Sarah Hutchinson, Warwick Medical School

Sarah Hutchinson: I am currently a final year medical student at Warwick medical school. At the start of this year, I completed an eight-week placement in general practice, during which I was expected to take part in a clinical audit. I decided on the subject with help from my GP tutor and then designed and carried out the audit at lunchtimes during my placement. I submitted the results of my audit to the RCGP Conference as I thought the process of designing a poster and attending the conference as a student would be a good experience. Of course, I didn't expect to win a prize but was delighted when I did! I hope that other students will be encouraged by this to take part in clinical audit and to submit their work to conferences and meetings, as the opportunity to present your work is a valuable learning experience.

Audit Poster [PDF]

Research - Best in Category:

The media portrayal of GPs before and after the introduction of the Health and Social Care Bill 2011

Adam Balkham, University of Leeds

Adam Balkham: I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Leeds. Choosing and carrying out my own research topic for the first time, while intercalating in primary care at the University of Leeds was something that I relished. It gave me the opportunity to investigate two areas I find interesting and that have a major impact on the health service of today and the future - politics and the media. I completed my research project, 'The media portrayal of GPs before and after the Health and Social Care Bill' in June 2014.

Having learnt that my research abstract had been selected for poster presentation at this year's RCGP Annual Conference in Liverpool, I began work on the design of my poster. The design intention was to replicate the front page of a typical broadsheet newspaper by highlighting and summarizing the main research sections as articles.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference. The few days I attended gave me the opportunity to meet a number of GPs and academics. I found everyone I met really friendly and supportive. The sessions I attended were extremely interesting and I would hope that there might be an opportunity for me to be involved in some way at further conferences. I was somewhat awestruck to discover that I had won the research category prize for my poster! I feel very privileged to have received the award and would like to thank everyone that made me feel very welcome at the event. I much appreciated the discussions and helpful feedback on my research. Thank you!

Research Poster [PDF]

Service Delivery - Best in Category:

Service mapping, stakeholder & needs analysis for a low-threshold GP service for marginalised groups in Limerick City

Patrick O'Donnell; Anne MacFarlane; Austin O'Carroll; Fiona O'Reilly; Partnership for Health Equity (University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School, North Dublin City GP Training Scheme and HSE Social Inclusion & Primary care)

Patrick O'Donnell: I completed my GP training in 2012 and then undertook a Master's degree in Global Health at Trinity College Dublin. In October 2013 I was appointed as Clinical Fellow in Social Inclusion at the University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School where I work with Professor Anne MacFarlane on the Partnership for Health Equity project.

This initiative seeks to improve primary healthcare for marginalised groups by conducting relevant research, developing undergraduate and postgraduate educational material and providing a clinical service for those most in need.

This poster was based on four months' work for the newly established Partnership for Health Equity in preparing for a new GP clinic for marginalised groups in Limerick City, Ireland. So often in healthcare we are faced with trying to adapt and improve existing services, some of which have been around for a long time and are not fit-for-purpose. The hope was that by meeting with and listening to potential patients, their families, and the statutory and voluntary groups who care for them, we could start and run a clinical service to efficiently fill gaps in the existing primary care services in the city. I am happy to say that six months on the service is thriving, with nearly 300 clinical encounters having taken place and very positive feedback from patients. The reflective and responsive model used to establish the clinic will need to be employed constantly over the coming years to ensure the service is meeting the changing needs of marginalised groups in Limerick. I am delighted and very proud to have been awarded this prize, but the project was only possible thanks to the support of the members of the Partnership for Health Equity team (representatives of the Health Service Executive, University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School and the North Dublin City GP Training Scheme).

Service Delivery Poster [PDF]

Education & Training - Best in Category:

Evaluation of the quality of medical students' clinical experience during an eight-week general practice placement

Anita Rai; Paul de Cates; Eileen Berridge; Sassa Calthrop-Owen; Sarah Colliver; Susan Davies; Helen Gabathuler; Catherine Middlemiss; Paul Thornton; Kate Owen; Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

Paul de Cates & Anita Rai: We are both GPs and Senior Clinical Fellows in Medical Education at Warwick Medical School and we first had the idea to produce a poster for the RCGP conference while we were auditing the learning portfolios of students on our GP course. We realised what a useful dataset we possess in these portfolios, which act as a record of student experiences during their eight week GP rotation. As a team of GP educators, we work hard to inspire students to consider General Practice as a career, and aim to given them a realistic experience of the challenges and rewards of being a GP in today's NHS. Our poster demonstrates the wide variety of student experiences, but also shows how this differs from 'real life' as a jobbing GP.

Our poster certainly stimulated much interest at the RCGP Conference exhibition in Liverpool, most likely because it addressed one of the 'hot topics' in primary care education. It seemed that one of the threads throughout this year's conference was the issue of GP recruitment - this was mentioned as an issue by Jeremy Hunt, Simon Stevens and Maureen Baker in their plenary speeches, as well as featuring in several debates and concurrent sessions. Our poster gives insight into how we might tailor GP education at medical student level, so that it continues to be an appealing career choice to as many students as possible, whilst also providing a valuable educational experience.

We were absolutely thrilled to win this poster prize, and we have been proudly displaying our postER and rosette at the GP network update sessions here at Warwick. We would like to thank the RCGP judges for their positive feedback, and all of the organisers of this year's conference.

Education & Training Poster [PDF]

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