Innovative Partnerships

Rounding up the year 2014, we have reflected on the practical innovative outputs that the RCGP has produced for general practice. It would not be possible to produce these without the support, input and collaboration of the many partner organisations that we work with. We asked a handful of these organisations to reflect on 12 months of working with the RCGP to support innovation in general practice for the benefit of patient care. Below we find out what they have to say and how this can help front line GPs:


NICE has been working closely with the RCGP to ensure that the voice of general practice is heard when developing our guidance and quality standards.

Despite vast swathes of our work being of great relevance to primary care, there have been concerns that not enough GPs are sitting on the committees responsible for developing the recommendations.

NICE worked with the RCGP to promote a change in our locum policy designed to encourage more GPs to work with NICE.

Our working relationship with the RCGP has also been key to ensuring that relevant guidance and standards are successfully promoted to GPs. For example, RCGP Clinical Champion for Kidney Care, Dr Kathryn Griffith, worked with us to explain the new atrial fibrillation guidance, outlining the key changes in clinical practice for GPs.

Atrial Fibrillation Guidance [PDF]

Cancer Research UK

Liz Bates: Primary Care Engagement Lead

The partnership between Cancer Research UK and the RCGP continues to have a positive impact, enabling both organisations to influence more effectively on a range of important UK wide cancer issues.

This partnership has been essential in promoting greater emphasis on recognising early signs and symptoms of cancer, and our joint 'Cascade' events have undoubtedly enhanced the relevance, credibility and impact of Cancer Research UK in general practice.

Numerous resources have been created to support general practice in providing excellent care for cancer patients with Dr Richard Roope. Find out more here.


Di Millen: Informatics Leadership and Development Lead

Building on the partnership established during the development of the RCGP's Patient Online: The Road Map (published 2013), in July this year, NHS England entered into a 'Memorandum of Understanding' with the College aimed at supporting practices to help patients access more services online. Part of the challenge for NHS England is reaching into individual practices to make sure they understand the GMS contract requirements for 2013 - 2014. This is to ensure that support, advice and practical guidance is available and easily accessible. The College has a wealth of experience in developing learning and development resources as well as practical guidance and toolkits, and has well established networks and communications channels.

A suite of core materials has been published, a web portal established and work on E-Learning modules started. Practices can now access guidance on key issues, for example how to get started, verifying a patient's identity, managing proxy access, and dealing with issues like coercion. Other materials will be available next month.

The Patient Online Toolkit.

Health Foundation

The RCGP's recent report of the independent inquiry into patient-centred care in the 21st century calls for a seismic shift in the way that general practice is delivered, so that practices come together as federations or networks and work with a range of other services to deliver coordinated and proactive care in the community. In order to achieve such a shift, the report recognises that professionals will need to work with patients in a very different way, demanding new skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking about the dynamics of power between professionals and patients.

Making this shift is at the heart of a partnership between the RCGP and the Health Foundation, who have come together to develop a Collaborative Care and Supported Planning programme.

Dr Isabel Hodkinson has taken up post as Clinical Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning, with Dr George Gavriel as Clinical Support Fellow. Together, they are providing leadership across the College and will be promoting the active engagement of GPs in this process across the UK.

The Clinical Champion will help mobilise the educational, communications and leadership resources available to the RCGP so that they are transformed and person-centred care is embedded at the heart of the College's work. The Clinical Champion will have a particular focus in promoting these approaches within the College's curriculum and other educational contents linked to CPD facilities.

The Health Foundation is also working in partnership with the RCGP and National Voices, the national coalition of health and social care charities in England, which have parallel initiatives. The leads for these three programmes are working collaboratively to share their learning and build a stronger movement for change.

The Health Foundation has developed a range of resources on person-centred care.


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