Alliance of Primary Care Societies

The Alliance of Primary Care Societies (APCS) is a forum where primary care organisations come together to work with the RCGP on topics that span the breadth of general practice.

Primary Care Societies affiliated with the RCGP include:

RCGP Adolescent Health Group

The RCGP Adolescent Health Group was established to promote improved standards of care for young people in primary care. Over the years the group has worked with government departments and other Colleges and organisations to raise the profile of adolescent health and to run courses and conferences, produce resources and provide support to general practices. 


Association for Palliative Medicine 

The Association for Palliative Medicine exists to promote the advancement and development of palliative medicine and is recognised as representing physicians at all grades who work in palliative medicine and those with an interest in the specialty.


Association of Surgeons in Primary Care

The Association of Surgeons in Primary Care represent general practitioners providing surgical services in primary care.


Balint Society

The aim of the Society is to help general practitioners towards a better understanding of the emotional content of the doctor-patient relationship.


British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine

The aims of the Institute are to promote education and research, disseminate knowledge, encourage clinical research, increase the teaching of this speciality, promote the speciality within the NHS and to develop Musculoskeletal Medicine as a specialty.  

British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology is the national, professional and academic society which represents the specialty of allergy at all levels. Through its Primary Care Group it is committed to supporting and developing allergy within primary care. 

The Primary Care Respiratory Society UK

The Primary Care Respiratory Society UK is an independent charity representing primary care health professionals interested in delivering the best standards of respiratory care.


GP Society for Epilepsy

The provision of care for people with epilepsy in the community is one of the main focuses of the group and they look to explore together new ways to operate such a service effectively.


Migraine in Primary Care Advisors

Migraine in Primary Care Advisers is a group of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the improvement of headache management in primary care.


National Association of Primary Care Educators

We have a valuable role in mentoring, teaching and facilitating continued professional development for Primary Care Educators around the UK.


Primary Care Child Safeguarding Forum

We welcome members from all four UK jurisdictions, representing doctors from primary care with an interest in the protection and promotion of welfare of children and young people.


Primary Care Dermatology Society

The Primary Care Dermatology Society is the leading primary care society for GPs with an enthusiasm for dermatology and skin surgery.


Primary Care Diabetes Society

The aim of the Society is to support primary care professionals to deliver high quality clinically effective care, in order to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.


Primary Care Genetics Society

The aim of the Primary Care Genetics Society is to support and facilitate the educational needs of primaru care practitioners to help translate the continuing advances in clinical genetics into practice.


Primary Care Neurology Society

The Society’s main aim is to generate greater awareness and interest in neurology among professionals with an interest, or working, in primary care to help improve the quality of healthcare services to people suffering neurological symptoms and defined illnesses or conditions.


Primary Care Pain Group

The main aims of this group are to provide a support network for team members, to update them about ongoing and planned research activities and to develop and facilitate research relating to chronic pain in primary care, through collaborations within the team, and between the team and other researchers.


Primary Care Rheumatology Society

The Society aims to improve education in rheumatology in general practice, to set up relevant research topics and to increase communication between hospital rheumatologists and other relevant health professionals, with the ultimate aim of improving care for patients with rheumatic disease.


Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology

The Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology is the voice of primary care gastroenterology, a voice that is listened to by those who make decisions which affect primary care.


Primary Care Women's Health Forum

The aims of the Forum are to promote and progress women's health issues through peer support, evidence based practice, professional development and strategic influence.




Primhe (Primary Mental Health and Education) works to listen to service users and their carers so that services can be designed to meet their needs. It provides suitable training to ensure that all primary carers, GPs and allied professionals have the core skills to deal with poor wellbeing or mental health issues, working with researchers to understand what is effective, whether within NICE guidelines or not and lobbies for better teaching of primary care mental health education, measuring success through outcomes that matter in people's lives.


Society for Academic Primary Care

The Society for Academic Primary Care exists to support, promote and develop the discipline of academic primary care.

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