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General practice is the cornerstone of a sustainable health service. RCGP Scotland developed a manifesto to influence campaigning ahead of the General Election and to ensure that we protect the heart of general practice and its vital role in delivering patient care.

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Our Manifesto 

To deliver a sustainable future for general practice, governments must:

• Deliver the £500m for GP practices and health centres promised by the First
, so that general practice receives 11% of the NHS Scotland budget on an
annual basis from 2021. This is in line with RCGP Scotland’s Put patients first campaign
and the 2015 Scottish LMC Conference. The supply of a first £250 million portion has
been outlined. Government needs to provide detail on how the second £250 million will
be delivered

• Appropriately increase funding to GPs in areas of high socio-economic deprivation
and health inequalities across Scotland
. These funds cannot be moved from
struggling practices throughout the rest of the country, whether they be in remote and
rural or in urban settings. More funding must be delivered to the system overall

• There is a projected deficit of 828 whole-time equivalent GPs in Scotland, by 2021.
Government must facilitate the delivery of sufficient numbers of GPs to overcome
it. The National GPs Performers List should be implemented as soon as possible and
bureaucracy reduced to allow free movement of GPs throughout the four nations

• Safeguard the GP workforce during international negotiations by guaranteeing the
status of healthcare professionals already working in Scotland and the UK
. Make it
as easy as possible for doctors from the EU and other countries to move to the UK. Place
GPs on the Shortage Occupation List

• Implement existing pledges to expand the wider general practice team by 2021.
Keep members of the wider general practice team part of general practice structures to
best safeguard patient safety and quality of care, and clarify that only GPs can be
allowed to perform the role of GPs

• Adopt the definition and 21 principles of primary care established in The future of
primary care in Scotland: a view from the professions

• Recognise that general practices are a ‘key setting’ in the Mental Health Strategy:
2017-2027 and ensure that mental health services in direct support of GPs have
appropriate funding to adequately serve patients

• In line with the principles of Realistic Medicine , engage in a wider public
discussion about the appropriate and sustainable use of general practice services
rightly available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

• Specifically invest in improvements across the interfaces of care, which are known
to be areas of high risk for both patients and the clinicians providing their care

• Improve the IT systems that GPs rely on to provide safe, effective and high quality
care, especially for patients with complex health and social care needs.


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