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UK write to your MP candidates about GP

19 May 2017

Now all of the candidates for each constituency have declared they are standing and started their campaigning. So we’ve created an online tool to use to contact them individually and influence their priorities.

Click here to write to your candidates about general practice

By writing to your candidate you will let them know that general practice is an issue that voters care about, and encourage them to consider the impact that their party’s policies will have on the local area. If you personalise your email your message will be stronger.

Together we’re already making a difference to the election debate. You’ve been telling us you’ve been posing our questions to canvassers, and GP practices have been promoting voter registration to the communities they work in. Thank you so much for your hard work so far.

Once you’ve written to your candidates we’d also love to see more about how you’re using the canvasser questions and voter registration posters. Share your pictures with us on Twitter using the hashtag #putpatientsfirst. 

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