National Association for Patient Participation

UK Voting day today

07 June 2017

The (not so long) wait is over – it’s polling day! Don’t forget to get out and use your vote in the General Election today.

Plus if you’re a doctor you can get involved by using our hashtag #docsatpollingstations – a play on the popular hashtag #dogsatpollingstations – on Twitter and sharing your polling station selfie. No photos inside the voting booth though please, it’s illegal!

If you’re still not sure who to vote for why not read our manifesto round up here or watch the videos submitted by some of the political parties here. The RCGP takes no responsibility for the content of these videos.

As long as you are registered to vote you do not need to take your polling card with you to the polling station, so don’t worry if you’ve lost it. Visit to find out where to go.

If something urgent has come up at work or with your own health and you don’t think you can make it to vote, you can apply for a proxy vote (someone to vote on your behalf) before 5pm today. Visit for an application form.

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