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SCOTLAND GP funding crisis dominates media headlines

25 July 2017

The primary care funding crisis made media headlines in Scotland.

The recent coverage was in response to RCGP Scotland’s submission to a government inquiry into healthcare innovation. We warned that unless the Scottish Government honoured its pledge to invest an additional £500m into general practice by 2021, GP surgeries will continue to close and patients’ lives will be put at risk.

In our consultation paper, we stated: ""General practice is in severe need of a clear, positive future, illustrated by adequate government investment, if it is to attract sufficient numbers of medical graduates to general practice specialty training.

"If the underfunding and confusion continues we will keep witnessing a considerable number of general practices closing and transferring the running of their practices to health boards due to insufficient resource through which to remain solvent."

If action is not taken, patients will continue to be found queuing outside practices merely to register with a GP.

This is not good enough.

That is why we were delighted that our warnings received such extensive media coverage. The story made frontpage news on The Herald and it was also picked up the BBC (TV, radio and online), STV, The Times the Scottish Sun and other media outlets. Many of the articles had hard hitting headlines; the Scotsman’s article ran with the title ‘Lack of resources put ‘intolerable’ pressure on GPs, ministers told’ while the Scottish Daily Mail warned: ‘Patient safety under threat as clinics shut in staff crisis.’

Let’s hope that for the sake of our patients, the Scottish Government listens and delivers on their promise to invest £500m in GP practices and health centres.

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