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SCOTLAND Charter for General Practice

28 October 2016

Find out about our Charter for General Practice: what the Scottish Government must to do protect the GP service

On 15 October 2016, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP, announced:

‘By the end of this parliament, we will increase spending on primary care services to 11% of the frontline NHS budget. That's what doctors have said is needed. And it is what we will deliver…

By 2021, an extra half billion pounds will be invested in our GP practices and health centres…

For the first time ever… half of the health budget will be spent, not in acute hospitals, but in the community- delivering primary, community and social care.’

RCGP Scotland welcomes this clear statement of intent to reverse the funding deficit to general practice and allow it to build to meet the challenges faced by the health service and the aspirations of the 2020 Vision for the Scottish NHS and the Chief Medical Officer’s Realistic Medicine.

General practice is the cornerstone of the health service, conducting 90% of patient contacts in the NHS for less than 7.4% of the Scottish NHS budget. If general practice fails, the whole NHS fails.

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