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RCGP goes to Party Conferences

19 September 2017

RCGP is attending Labour and Conservative Party conference and our officers and staff are planning events and meetings to secure the best possible care for patients from a thriving General Practice service.

NI End of life care

08 September 2017

During Palliative Care week, Dr Laurence Dorman reflects on the importance of providing the best possible care for patients with terminal illnesses in the community. While a significant amount of end of life care is provided in hospices and hospitals, most palliative care provision is delivered by family doctors within the community.

NI Royal Colleges call for political action on healthcare reform

06 September 2017

With no Northern Ireland Assembly or Executive in place, the health and social care transformation that was promised , as part of the Bengoa Review and the previous Health Minister’s Delivering Together strategy, has been put on hold. As a result, we are sadly witnessing our healthcare system deteriorate with no budget or decision makers in place to address the challenges facing services, healthcare staff and ultimately patients.

NI Health and social care reform must be a top priority for politicians

18 August 2017

Improving health and social care services in Northern Ireland must be the top priority for all our politicians. This is the message that the Royal College of GPs has been delivering to political parties over the summer months…

Time to Act on Sexual and Reproductive Health

15 August 2017

The College has released a report on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in the UK. It's called 'Time to Act'. The report has found that there are significant obstacles to delivering a fully patient centred service.

Patients Increasingly Waiting for Appointments

28 July 2017

The results of the GP Patient Survey show that although GPs and their teams are doing a great job in difficult circumstances, patients are increasingly waiting more than a week for appointments.

SCOTLAND GP funding crisis dominates media headlines

25 July 2017

The primary care funding crisis made media headlines in Scotland.

Progress on Cyber Security and Data-Sharing

25 July 2017

The information we share with our GP is incredibly personal, so it’s really important this data is stored securely and we feel confident it is shared appropriately.

NI Think GP student elective shadowing

13 July 2017

With a shortage of family doctors in Northern Ireland, encouraging medical students to consider a career as a GP in the future is really important.

UK General Election what next

30 June 2017

Together we worked very hard during the election to make the voice of general practice heard and to make sure that all politicians could not ignore the dire need to invest in general practice.

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