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WALES publish General Election manifesto

08 May 2017

Patient care must not take a back seat to Brexit during the upcoming General Election debate.

Although decisions around health are made in the National Assembly for Wales, many of the decisions made in Westminster have an impact on patient care. For example, rules around whether doctors from the EU can stay in the UK will affect the future GP workforce. We’ve therefore put together a manifesto to remind parties to put patients first and influence campaigning.

To allow general practice to deliver the quality of care that patients deserve, we’re calling on political parties to support investment in general practice, boost the GP workforce and free up time for GPs to enable them to focus on patient care.

Our Chair, Rebecca Payne, believes that general practice is the bedrock of the Welsh NHS: "To ensure a strong, safe and sustainable future for our healthcare system, political parties must put patients first and support general practice.

"With a growing and ageing population leading to a rise on the number of patients with multiple long-term conditions, GP workload is set to increase. We need to ensure that we have enough GPs to meet the needs of our population and to deliver care within the community.

"We need our politicians to take action. General practice needs investment and we need more to be done to tackle the shortage of family doctors. These challenges are taking their toll on patient care, as many patients are having to wait longer and longer to see their doctor.

"In this election, political parties must consider the impact their decisions on issues such as Brexit and budgets will have on the NHS and on patients across the UK. I urge candidates to protect the GP workforce during Brexit negotiations and make it as easy as possible for doctors from the EU to move to Wales and other parts of the UK."

You can read our manifesto here.

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