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UK Parties publish GE2017 manifestos

19 May 2017

The General Election manifestos of each of the main UK parties have now been published and they all contain important pledges for general practice and the wider NHS. Here’s a summary of the key pledges for general practice.


Conservative Manifesto

  • Increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8bn in real terms over the next five years
  • Remove barriers to the integration of care
  • Ensure appropriate funding to meet the rising costs of indemnity while working towards a sustainable long-term solution
  • Enable more care to be delivered closer to home by building and upgrading primary care facilities, mental health clinics and hospitals
  • Provide routine weekend or evening appointments to the whole population by 2019 at their GP surgery or one nearby 
  • Prioritise 140,000 NHS and social care staff during Brexit negotiations to allow them to stay

See the full manifesto here.


Labour Manifesto

  • Increase NHS funding by an additional £6bn per year and introduce a new Office for Budget Responsibility for Health to oversee health spending
  • Increase funding to GP services to ensure patients can access the care they need
  • Increase capital funding to ensure that buildings and equipment are fit to deliver 21st century care
  • Develop a long-term workforce plan for the health service
  • Immediately guarantee the rights of EU staff working in our health and care services

See the full manifesto here


Lib Dem Manifesto

  • Increase NHS and social care spending by £6bn a year
  • Provide national support to struggling GP practices
  • Promote easier access to GPs, expand evening and weekend opening to meet the needs of local patients
  • Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care staff who are EU nationals to stay in the UK

See the full manifesto here.


Ukip Manifesto


  • Invest an additional £11bn per year in health and social care by 2021/22
  • Deliver 10,000 additional GPs by 2025
  • Lift the cap on medical school training places to 10,000
  • New funding arrangements incentivising doctors to work in geographical areas most in need
  • End appraisal and revalidation work that goes beyond that deemed necessary by the GMC
  • Fund the cost of streamlined 'return to practice' training
  • Encourage retired GPs or GPs with small children to work part-time or in job-share shemes
  • Introduce a wider range of healthcare professionials and clinical services into GP surgeries 

See the full manifesto here


Green Party Manifesto

  • Provide an immediate cash injection to ensure that everyone can access a GP, hospitals can run properly and staff are fairly paid
  • Provide major investment in social care
  • Increase funding for local authorities and create a single budget covering health and social services
  • Introduce mental health awareness training in the public sector

See the full manifesto here.


We’re really pleased to see that a number of our manifesto calls have been reflected in the manifestos of the main parties. Both the Lib Dems and Labour commit to guaranteeing the rights of NHS staff from the EU while the Conservatives pledge to prioritise NHS staff.


The Conservative Manifesto also pledges to develop a sustainable long-term solution to bring down the costs of indemnity for GPs, which was another of our manifesto calls. Thank you to everyone who shared our manifesto or asked their candidates about it – it’s really made a big difference.


We’re also pleased to see that the pledge on seven day working for GPs, proposed by the Conservative Party, has been toned down in line with the promises in NHS England’s GP Forward View. This shows our lobbying is working – and policymakers at the highest level are taking our concerns into account.  


We’ll be updating this blog with the details of other parties’ pledges for general practice as their manifestos are published and analysed. 


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