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WALES Parties publish General Election manifestos

07 June 2017

Ahead of the General Election, we published a manifesto outlining our calls for action to influence campaigning and ensure that primary care remained on the political agenda. We were delighted to see that all of the main parties’ manifestos contained specific pledges to help improve general practice.

We’ve put together a short summary, in alphabetical order, of each party’s key healthcare pledges:

Plaid Cymru
• Train and recruit an additional 1,000 doctors and 5,000 nurses for the Welsh NHS and establish a medical school in the north of Wales
• Push for Wales’ share of the £350 million promised to the NHS after leaving the European Union

To read the manifesto in full, click here.

Welsh Conservatives
• Work with people across the health system to solve the doctor recruitment crisis
• Increase funding for the Welsh NHS, prioritising patient care and putting health at the top of the agenda
• Act to support medical staff, reduce waiting times and improve outcomes
• Protect rural health services and reverse the downgrading of vital services in rural hospitals
• Commission independent reviews into NHS hospitals and services with poor outcomes for patients
• Ensure that the UK and Welsh governments continue to work closely together on cross-border health to make sure residents in all parts of Wales have access to the best treatment

To read the manifesto in full, click here.

Welsh Labour
• Continue to focus resources on community-based services
• Invest in new state state-of-the-art health and social care centres across Wales and in new diagnostic equipment
• Increase funding for primary care
• Immediately guarantee the rights of EU staff working in our health and care services

To read the manifesto in full, click here.

Welsh Lib Dems
• Spend an extra £300m on the Welsh NHS and social services
• Direct the £300m of additional investment to GPs, nurses, social care, primary care (and other out of hospital care), mental health and public health
• A national workforce strategy, ensuring that we never again experience a shortage in the numbers of GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and other professionals
• Introduce an Access to GPs scheme, funding GP practices to make sure people can get the appointments they need
• Make it easier to register at a GP’s practice near where you work
• Develop alternative ways, using modern technology, to connect GPs and patients
• Support GP federations and clusters being given real decision-making powers with delegated budgets
• Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care service staff who are EU nationals, the right to stay in the UK.
• Ensure that there are more nurses on hospital wards and in the community
• Better integration of health and social care
• Continue to make the case for a cross-party health and social care commission, bringing together stakeholders to carry out a comprehensive review of the longer-term sustainability of the health and social care finances and workforce, and the practicalities of greater integration

To read the manifesto in full, click here.

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