MRCGP CSA Cases Practice Cases for the MRCGP Exam

Author: Muhammed and Nazmul Ajunjee
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The MRCGP CSA Cases book has been written with 26 cases to emulate two circuits of the RCGP CSA examination. Each case has been written to a similar standard to the examination and includes nuances arounds cues, communication skills and complex negotiation stations.

The book includes an introductory chapter that explains all the key skills one would need to employ during a doctor - patient consultation. The clinical cases have been written in a similar format as what would be expected in the RCGP examination with a doctor consultation brief as well as an actor brief so that you can practice with friends. At the end of each case is a full explanation walk-through that has been thoroughly researched according to recent guidance and gives you the relevant history, examination and management plans needed to excel in the exams.

This book should help you understand and meet the key communication skills and competencies expected to excel in the CSA exams.

ISBN Number: 9780992766108

Published: 2014

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Good range of cases of a challenging level similar to the level needed in the exams

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