CSA Symptom Solver

CSA Symptom Sorter
Author: Muhammed Akunjee and Nazmul Akunjee
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This CSA Symptom Solver book was written with the GP registrar in mind. It includes over 120 common symptoms that patients present with and may come up in the RCGP CSA exams.

For each symptom a comprehensive consultation framework has been included to guide the reader through the best approach in dealing with the complaint. It includes guidance such as what questions to ask, eliciting relevant past medical history, social history etc. The CSA framework then guides you to which examinations would be relevant and what investigations should be requested in your CSA exam. The final part of the chapter advises about possible differential diagnoses and evidence-based ways of managing these.

ISBN Number: 9780992766115

Published: 2014

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Fantastic book covers everything on one page




Helpful book for exam revision

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