The 10-minute Consultation: Cardiovascular Risk

The 10 minute consultation cardiovascular risk
Author: J Aldegather, G De Backer, A Fox, M Kirby and MG O’Gara
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The 10-minute consultation: cardiovascular risk is a concise pocket guide that outlines the increasing prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and therefore the need for community-based primary care clinicians (general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists) to correctly identify and manage them. It is packed full of clinical information and practical advice on how to carry out the necessary tests, examinations and investigations within the standard '10-minute' framework. The handbook is structured in a format that reflects a patient's progress through prevention, assessment, investigation, management and follow up, with index tabs and drug reference tables that offer a wealth of prescribing information at your fingertips. This edition is also enhanced by an appendix of cardiovascular risk prediction charts endorsed by the Joint British Societies, including HEART UK, and used by healthcare professionals to calculate the level of risk and target interventions.

Key objectives for the reader:

  • To understand that CV disease is associated with signifi cant morbidity and mortality
  • To understand the epidemiology and risk factors for development of CV disease
  • To understand how CV risk factors can be identifi ed in primary care, including which diagnostic tests are used and how the results are clinically interpreted
  • To understand how CV risk is accurately stratified
  • To understand how to competently manage CV risk factors in primary care and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • To understand the indications for specialist referral

ISBN Number: 9781905982059

Number of pages: 96

Publisher: Cedilla Publishing Ltd

Published: March 2010

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1. Introduction
* The concept of risk
* Principles of total risk prediction
* Methods of total risk prediction
* Defi nition of ‘high’ risk

2. Who and what to test
* Screening
* How to assess total CV risk in primary care?
* What issues should the GP cover during the 10-minute consultation?
* Is the patient at high absolute risk of CVD?

3. How to manage the patient at risk of CVD
* Who to treat?
* How to treat?
* General lifestyle advice
* Serum lipids and dyslipidaemia
* BP and hypertension
* Other prophylactic drug therapy
* Multiple risk factors: the metabolic syndrome
* Co-morbidity: diabetes mellitus

4. Person-centred care
* How to identify the patient’s beliefs about CV problems (their concerns and expectations)?
* What are the patient’s cultural beliefs?
* How to recognise noncompliance with primary prevention?
* Are any treatments particularly appropriate?

5. Applying the evidence
* What are the implications of the international best-practice recommendations for GPs?
* Landmark studies
* GP prescribing options for tackling CV risk factors in primary care: a summary
* When to refer?

6. Review and recall of the patient at risk of CVD
* What ongoing patient care, monitoring and follow-up are necessary?
* What role do other key healthcare workers have in managing the patient?
* What is the role of information technology (IT)?
* What is the role of the expert patient?

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Author Bio

The 10-minute consultation author team is composed of GPs and specialist clinical reviewers who together ensure that the content of our books is authoritative and current. We work closely with an advisory board of GPs from the specialty of primary care and CV disease whose role is to ensure the accuracy, quality and integrity of the content. By using a team of experienced and highly regarded GPs from the CV disease specialty, we aim to draw on their clinical experience within the fi eld, closely refl ecting the needs of the

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