Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation
Author: A Ward, M Barnes, S Stark, and S Ryan
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Rehabilitation medicine is a new and growing specialty. Rehabilitation services are now available in most UK hospitals and rehabilitation has an increasing presence in the community. There is a strong evidence base for the efficacy of rehabilitation and there is no doubt that an active interdisciplinary rehabilitation programme produces real functional benefits for the person with disabilities and their family.

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation second edition, outlines the basic principles of rehabilitation and the key factors that are required for a high quality rehabilitation service. The increasingly important area of technical aids and assistive technology is covered, as well as physical problems. The book outlines the management of cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems and the rehabilitation needs of people with specific disorders. A new chapter on musculoskeletal pain in common rheumatological conditions has also been included.

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation second edition is a comprehensive text that not only summarises the management of common symptoms and disorders but also outlines the increasing evidence base for the efficacy of these techniques. This new edition has been fully revised to appeal to the whole rehabilitation team, including junior doctors training in rehabilitation and associated specialties, senior therapists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, GPs, primary care teams, and intermediate care teams

ISBN Number: 9780199550524

Number of pages: 480

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: April 2009

Edition: 2nd Edition

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1. Concepts of rehabilitation
2. Epidemiology
3. The rehabilitation team
4. Organisation of services
5. Assessment of disability
6. Spasticity
7. Continence
8. Sex and sexuality
9. Eating and swallowing disorders
10. Communication
11. Other physical problems
12. Technical aids and assistive technology
13. Behavioural disorders
14. Psychological problems and rehabilitation
15. Cognitive and intellectual function
16. Participation issues in rehabilitation
17. Multiple sclerosis
18. Stroke
19. Traumatic brain injury
20. Spinal cord injury
21. Parkinson's disease and movement disorders
22. Motor neuron diseases
23. Disorders of the peripheral nerve
24. Epilepsy
25. Dementia
26. Musculoskeletal pain in common rheumatological conditions
27. Spinal pain and soft tissue rheumatism
28. Amputation
29. Ageing and disability

Publisher reviews

"This text goes further than many in that it is packed with information beyond the core issues...It is pleasing to see a handbook that covers not only physical care, but psychological and social aspects as well." - Nursing Standard

"...a welcome contribution to the understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of rehabilitation medicine...useful to both those new to the field as well as those looking for a quick reference on a day-to-day basis." - Doody's Notes

"An excellent pocket guide" - Manoj Sivan, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow Rehabilitation Medicine, Leeds


Medical students, junior doctors training in rehabilitation and associated specialties such as neurology, rheumatology and geriatrics, senior therapists, psychologists and nurses working in a rehabilitation team. Therapists and nurses in primary care settings, as well as GPs. Those involved in intermediate care teams.

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