Council members 2017


Dr Terry Kemple Dr Terry Kemple. President, Severn Faculty






Chair and College Officers

Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard. Chair of Council, Midland Faculty







Dr Martin Marshall Prof Martin Marshall. Vice Chair External Affairs. North East London Faculty







Prof Kamila Hawthorne.
Vice Chair, Professional Development, South West Wales Faculty






This image is of Professor Nigel Mathers, RCGP Honorary Secretary Prof Nigel Mathers. Honorary Secretary, South Yorkshire Trent Faculty







 Dr Steve Mowle. Honorary Treasurer, South London Faculty







Chairs of Devolved Councils


Dr Grainne DoranDr Grainne Doran.Chair Northern Ireland Council







Image of Dr Miles Mack Dr Miles Mack. Chair of Scottish Council







Rebecca Payne Dr Rebecca Payne. Chair Welsh Council








Faculty Representatives

Dr Christiana Aride. North East London Faculty







This image is of Dr Maureen Baker, Chair of the RCGP CouncilProf Maureen Baker. Vale of Trent Faculty







Dr Sunil Bhanot. Wessex Faculty







Dr Frances Cranfield. Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Faculty







Dr Jaspreet Dhillon. South West Thames Faculty







Dr Sioned EnlliDr Sioned Enlli. North Wales Faculty







Dr Mark Free. South London Faculty







Dr Alasdair ForbesDr Alasdair Forbes. North East Scotland Faculty







Dr Sunil GuptaDr Sunil Gupta. Essex Faculty







Dr Janet Hall. South Yorkshire Trent Faculty







Dr Mike Holmes Dr Mike Holmes. Humber and The Ridings Faculty







Dr Steve Holmes. Severn Faculty







Dr Mair HopkinDr Mair Hopkin. South West Wales Faculty







Gary HowsamDr Gary Howsam. East Anglia Faculty







Dr Colin Hunter, Chair, Trustee Board. North East Scotland Faculty







Dr Christine Johnson. Vale of Trent Faculty







This is an image of RCGP Council member Vijay Kumar Prof Vijay Kumar. Yorkshire Faculty







Robert LambournDr Robert Lambourn. North East England Faculty







This is an image of RCGP Council member Dr Jonathan Leach Dr Jonathan Leach. Midland Faculty







Dr Morag Martindale Dr Morag Martindale. East Scotland Faculty







Dr Iqbal Meeran. Cumbria Faculty







Dr Helen Mead. Leicester Faculty







 Dr Ken McLean. West Scotland Faculty







Dr Michael MullhollandDr Michael Mulholland. Thames Valley Faculty







Dr Kate Neden. South East Thames Faculty








Dr Eamonn Shanahan. Republic of Ireland Faculty







Dr Farah SheikhDr Farrah Sheikh. North West England Faculty







Dr Andrew Spooner. Mersey Faculty







Dr David Stephens Dr David Stephens. North of Scotland Faculty







Sian TuckerDr Sian Tucker. South East Eangland Faculty







Dr Victoria Tzortziou-Brown. North and West London Faculty







Dr Mark VaughanDr Mark Vaughan. South West Wales Faculty







Dr Jonathan White. Tamar Faculty







Dr Alison Lea.  North West England (Image not available) 



Nationally Elected Members

Kirsty AlexanderDr Kirsty Alexander. Severn Faculty







 This image is of Dr Tim Ballard, RCGP Vice Chair External Affairs Dr Tim Ballard. North West England Faculty







John ChisholmDr John Chisholm. South London Faculty







This is an image of RCGP Council member John Cosgrove Dr John Cosgrove. Mersey Faculty







This is an image of Professor Clare Gerada, RCGP Council memberProf Clare Gerada. South London Faculty







Dr Trish GreenhalghProf Trisha Greenhalgh. North East London Faculty







Holly HardyDr Holly Hardy. Severn Faculty







Greg IrvingDr Greg Irving. Mersey Faculy







Ben Jackson Dr Ben Jackson. South Yorkshire Trent Faculty







Prof Mayur Lakhani. Leicester Faculty







Margaret McCartneyDr Margaret McCartney. West Scotland Faculty







This is an image of RCGP Council member Elaine McNaughton Dr Elaine McNaughton. East Scotland Faculty







Dr Martin MarshallProf Martin Marshall. Vice Chair External Affairs. North East London Faculty







 Dr Steve Mowle. South London Faculty







Dr Dom PattersonDr Dom Patterson. South Yorkshire Trent Faculty







Dr Joanne Reeve.Mersey Faculty








Dr Clare Taylor. Midland Faculty














Additional Council Members (Byelaw 40)


Dr Simon GregoryProf Simon Gregory. Chair Ethics Committee, Leicester Faculty







Prof Kamila Hawthorne. Vice Chair, Professional Development, South West Wales Faculty







Prof Neil Jackson. Chair, Training Exams and Revalidation Board. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Faculty







Prof Nigel Mathers. Honorary Secretary, South Yorkshire Trent Faculty







Dr Imran Rafi. (Chair, Innovation and Research Programme Board), South West Thames Faculty






First5 Committee

Shamila Waninayake Dr Shamila Wanninayake. First5 Chair, Thames Faculty






Associates in Training

Dr Duncan ShrewsburyDr Duncan Shrewsbury AiT Chair







Rasitha PereraDr Rasitha Perera. AiT Deputy Chair, South Yorkshire North Trent Faculty






Observers on Council

Dr Susi Caesar. Medical Director Revalidation, Wessex Faculty







Simon PooleDr Simon Poole. BMA General Practitioners Committee representative







Prof Richard Withnall. Severn Faculty, Armed Forces







This image is of Dr Jenny Aston, member of RCGP CouncilMrs Jenny Aston. General Practice Foundation







This image is of Professor Roger Jones, member of RCGP Council, and Editor of the British Journal of General PracticeProf Roger Jones. South London Faculty. Editor of the British Journal of General Practice







This image is of Dr Chadra Kanneganti, member of RCGP CouncilDr Chandra Kanneganti. Midland Faculty, British International Doctors' Association







Dr Farah Jameel Dr Farah Jameel. GPC Observer







Dr Claire LoughreyDr Claire Loughrey. Northern Ireland Faculty Committee of General Practice Education Directors







This is an image of Dr Euan Lawson, RCGP Council member

Dr Euan Lawson. Deputy Editor of the BJGP , Cumbria Faculty







Prof Kate ODonnell Prof Kate O’Donnell. Society for Academic Primary Care







Robina Shah

Dr Robina Shah (Phd). Lay Chair, Patient and Carers Partnership Group (UK)







Dr Surendra Kumar. Deputy Chair, British International Doctors Association (Image not available)

Dr MeiLing Denney. Chief Examiner (Image not available)

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